Wednesday 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's been a bit quiet on the blog here lately as I've been swept up in the festive season, but there are lots of new posts coming soon. I'll be relaxing at home with my family tomorrow, playing with my cats and eating my weight in chocolate. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and thank you for reading :)

Saturday 13 December 2014

Crazy Tasty Lipbalms

Crazy Rumors Cruelty-Free and Vegan Lipbalm Review

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

I'd wanted to try these lipbalms for a long time, after reading about them on other cruelty-free blogs. Leaping bunny approved and vegan, they have a huge variety of different flavours and all their ingredients are 100% natural. There are even Christmas flavours!

I got mine on offer from Holland & Barrett, and after much deciding picked out the Mint Chocolate and Raspberry Sherbet ice cream flavours. It's just too cold for real ice cream in December! They taste sweet and smell delicious too, honestly good enough to eat. As I love the flavours so much I would like them to be a little stronger, but that's the only fault I can find.

The balms are very moisturising and long lasting, exactly what I need in this harsh winter weather here in the U.K. I really only need to apply them once in the morning and again at night, but I've been keeping them in my bag all the time as I like them so much.

Definitely a winner, I'll certainly be buying these lipbalms again. The next ones I have my eye on are Amaretto and Apple Spice. Yum!

Have you tried Crazy Rumors? What's your favourite lipbalm?

Tuesday 9 December 2014

My Blogging Goals for 2015

This post is inspired by Sweet Electric's post here, and serves as a little glance into the future for this blog. I don't do New Year's resolutions but I think setting goals can be really motivating, and it's such a good feeling when you achieve them! Here's what I'd like to accomplish in regards to blogging for 2015.

Improve my photography

Before starting this blog I never enjoyed taking photos because they just didn't look very good. But I absolutely love composition and making things look pretty. As my photography has improved over the past few months, I've enjoyed it more and more. My sister recently let me borrow her DSLR, which just makes it so easy to take crisp, bright photos so I'm planning to save up for my own. When I take a blog photo I'm happy with, I get really excited to post it! 

Write varied content

This blog is still very new and to start off with I wanted to build up a good amount of posts focusing on what I'm passionate about: cruelty-free beauty. However, I do want to mix up the product reviews and do something different from time to time so expect to see some more variety in the New Year. Also feel free to let me know if there's anything you'd like to see on this blog!

Time Management

So far I've stuck to my schedule of posting twice a week, which I'm really proud of. However I'd definitely like to be writing my blog posts further in advance. To do this I need to get organised and really make the most of my days. I'm also guilty of neglecting chores and boring things in favour of blogging because it's more fun, so I want to find a happy balance.

Find a style

This is more for the layout and overall look of my blog. I love blogs that are gorgeous to look at, with well thought out graphics, matching fonts and little touches. I've been working on this a little at a time to improve my blog and find the look I want. I've also been enjoying learning the little bits of html required so that's a bonus. I take a lot of pride in building my blog so I want to get it just right!

Go to a blogger meetup

This might be kind of weird for me because never in my life have I met someone from speaking to them online. But I've just become so obsessed with blogging that my family and boyfriend are probably sick of me talking about it. So I'd love to meet other bloggers who feel the same way, and have the same interests!

Do you blog? What are your blogging goals for 2015?

Saturday 6 December 2014

Cherry Goodness | Superdrug Cherry & Macadamia Body Butter

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans 

This body butter is possibly my favourite item ever from Superdrug (and I buy a lot of things from Superdrug). The smell is incredible! I love cherry yoghurt and it smells just like one, good enough to eat. The consistency is so thick it has almost a whipped texture to it. The butter absorbs easily within seconds and my skin is instantly moisturised. No greasiness afterwards!

The fruity fragrance is so deliciously strong when you open the tub, but nice and subtle once you smooth it on. In the past I've found moisturising to be such a chore, but this is a product I want to use everyday.

Because the butter is so thick, one tub lasts ages, making it a great budget buy. I got this one for half price at the time but would happily pay the full price of £3.99, because I may just be addicted. Perfect for dry skin, this is a must have for the cold winter weather.

What's your favourite winter moisturiser?

Friday 5 December 2014

DIY Christmas Clay Ornaments | Guest Post On Holly Sparkle

I've written a guest post on Holly Sparkle, which happens to be my sister's blog!
The post is a DIY, something I've never done before, so it was a fun challenge to see what I could make. I had a lot of fun and probably spent a bit too long making my little Christmas ornaments have that cutesy homemade feel. 

It's a really easy Christmas activity to do with the family or something sweet you can make to give as gifts. I was feeling pretty festive by the time I'd finished so I decorated our little tabletop tree with them :)

If you'd like to see the post you can check it out here, and my sister Tessa has lots of great DIY posts as well as fashion and lifestyle too.

Happy reading!

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Cruelty-Free Christmas Gift Ideas Under £20

Cruelty-Free Christmas Gift Ideas Under £20

Feeling festive! A Christmas gift guide that's cruelty-free and budget friendly :)

Lush Festive Friends - £14.50
Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. 
Four Lush bath bomb characters to keep you cheerful.

Everyday Minerals The Minimalist Kit - £16.99
Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. 
Two blushes and four eyeshadows for a gorgeous natural look.

Crazy Rumors Candy Flavoured Lip Balms - £2.99 
Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. These natural lip balms come in tons of other fun flavours too, from gingerbread to chai tea.

Deep Steep Candy Mint Foot Scrub - £12.95 
Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. 
Relax and unwind at Christmas whilst your toes smell minty fresh.

Lush Mr Frosty - £12.95 
Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. 
Three bath bombs wrapped up as an adorable little snowman.

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. Oh so Christmassy! Amazing glittery overload when paired with the partner polish Jingle Bells.

B. Rich Limited Edition Lipstick in Gothika - £3.99 (full price £7.99) 
Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. 
A gorgeous vampy berry colour for a night out.

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. 
A perfect mix of berry, glitter and winter polishes to play with on Christmas day.

M&S Chubby Cosmetic Gift Set - £9 (full price £18) 
Suitable for vegetarians. 
The perfect cruelty-free alternative to Clinique's chubby sticks.

Check out more of my Cruelty-Free Christmas Gift Ideas and let me know what you'd pick from this list. Have you bought any cruelty-free stocking fillers?
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