Saturday 28 February 2015

Make Up For Glasses Wearers | Guest Post by Holly Sparkle

cruelty free make up tutorial for glasses wearers
Hello, I'm Tessa and I am a glasses wearer. It can be a bit of a struggle to adjust your make up routine to allow for face accessories if you're not used to it so I wanted to share an easy make up look that I often use.

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cruelty free make up
For a foolproof make up look that goes great with glasses I like to keep it fairly simple. My top three tips are:
  1. Use minimal and non smudgy eye make up
  2. Add contouring to keep your face shape from being distorted by the shape of your glasses
  3. Don't overdo mascara if you have long lashes, you'll end up with black smudges all over the lenses of your glasses!

easy simple make up tutorial
1. All about that base I started with a good base of the Elf Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain mixed with Barry M white Foundation Creme because I am as pale as a ghost. I use the Elf Stipple Brush to blend them together and apply. If you want your make up to last a bit longer or have oily skin then you may want to use a primer before this, I'd recommend both The Body Shop Instablur and Elf Mineral Infused Primer.

2. Highlight and accentuate areas that are hidden by glasses
I then go back in with the white foundation on it's own to highlight under my eyes, the brow bone and anywhere else I feel could do with a bit of brightening.

3. Shape the face - glasses frames can make face look wider than they are, contour cheeks to slim it back down
The next step for me is contouring, here I used an Elf Bronzer, but I would also recommend The Body Shop Honey Bronze, particularly for paler skin tones. The only secret to contouring is blending thoroughly.

4. Seal it all in
My favourite powder for setting my make up is the Elf High Definition Powder. I do this after contouring but before blush as I find it helps to blend out the bronzer and can dilute the colour slightly.

5. Pop some colour on those cheeks
I used the beautiful coral blush colour from the Barry M Starry Eyed Palette, but sparingly - I dab it on across my cheeks with my finger and then blend with a brush.

6. Define the eyebrows
Using the Elf Eyebrow Kit I create a strong brow that will be able to compete with the dark and thick frames of my glasses, you don't want your glasses to overpower your face.

barry m natural glow shadow primer palette 2

6 cont. Now it's time for the eyes
Use the colour shown above from the Barry M Natural Glow Palette 2 all over the eyelid and blend out up to the brow.

The Elf Cream eyeliner is great for making a perfect winged liner look, which is just what you want for this look. A nice clean and sharp edge makes all the difference, smoky eyes can look too messy beneath glasses.

I finished off the eyes with a quick coating of the Elf Defining Mascara.

how to wear make up with glasses
Lastly I added a touch of lipstick by Elf in the colour Charming. 

So there you have it, a simple and easy make up look that's suitable for when you've got your specs on. I'd love to know if you try out this look. 

If you want to see more posts by me then head over to Holly SparkleAs you may have guessed, I'm a big fan of Elf make up!

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