Saturday 7 March 2015

Hillarys Crafternoon | Blogger Event

This week I was kindly invited to go to Hillarys Craft Event at Chapter Arts in Cardiff. I went along with my sister Tessa, who blogs at Holly Sparkle.

I come from a very crafty family but I myself have never been fantastic at making things, so I was very pleased to have a go at some beginner's sewing with fabrics from Hillarys new range.

At the event we were presented with tea, cookies and lots of fabric samples to choose from. The first craft was making a fabric notebook cover! I loved doing this as I'm a big stationery fan and think there's nothing so satisfying as a new notebook. It also reminded me of being in primary school, when we used to cover our workbooks with wrapping paper, a nice nostalgia moment!

This is a really easy craft to do if you're new to making things, as simple as sewing on a button really. I put a stitch on each inside corner, then stuck some cute buttons on the front to jazz it up. Lots of people embellished their notebooks with ribbons and rosettes if you want to get a bit more complicated.

The second craft was sewing a 3d bird. I was very excited as they're just so cute! The hardest part about this was understanding how to use the pattern as I'd never worked with one before. Once that was done it was just a bit of therapeutic sewing to stitch him together :)

My bird's head turned out a little funny but I quite like him for that. Or I may stick a horn on him and call him a narwhal.

Do you like to craft? Let me know what you think of these! 
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