Tuesday 9 December 2014

My Blogging Goals for 2015

This post is inspired by Sweet Electric's post here, and serves as a little glance into the future for this blog. I don't do New Year's resolutions but I think setting goals can be really motivating, and it's such a good feeling when you achieve them! Here's what I'd like to accomplish in regards to blogging for 2015.

Improve my photography

Before starting this blog I never enjoyed taking photos because they just didn't look very good. But I absolutely love composition and making things look pretty. As my photography has improved over the past few months, I've enjoyed it more and more. My sister recently let me borrow her DSLR, which just makes it so easy to take crisp, bright photos so I'm planning to save up for my own. When I take a blog photo I'm happy with, I get really excited to post it! 

Write varied content

This blog is still very new and to start off with I wanted to build up a good amount of posts focusing on what I'm passionate about: cruelty-free beauty. However, I do want to mix up the product reviews and do something different from time to time so expect to see some more variety in the New Year. Also feel free to let me know if there's anything you'd like to see on this blog!

Time Management

So far I've stuck to my schedule of posting twice a week, which I'm really proud of. However I'd definitely like to be writing my blog posts further in advance. To do this I need to get organised and really make the most of my days. I'm also guilty of neglecting chores and boring things in favour of blogging because it's more fun, so I want to find a happy balance.

Find a style

This is more for the layout and overall look of my blog. I love blogs that are gorgeous to look at, with well thought out graphics, matching fonts and little touches. I've been working on this a little at a time to improve my blog and find the look I want. I've also been enjoying learning the little bits of html required so that's a bonus. I take a lot of pride in building my blog so I want to get it just right!

Go to a blogger meetup

This might be kind of weird for me because never in my life have I met someone from speaking to them online. But I've just become so obsessed with blogging that my family and boyfriend are probably sick of me talking about it. So I'd love to meet other bloggers who feel the same way, and have the same interests!

Do you blog? What are your blogging goals for 2015?
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