Saturday 17 January 2015

How To Deal With Sensitive Eyes And What Works For Me

How To Help Sensitive Eyes

I have very dry, sensitive eyes. I had never had any problems with them until about 10 months ago, when my eyes started feeling sore. They quickly became more and more dry and now I can no longer wear contact lenses and need to use three different kinds of eye drops every day. I'm still not sure what the cause is, but I've learnt to deal with it. Here are the things I've developed into my daily routine to help my eyes feel a little more comfortable. If you have sensitive eyes I hope this can help!

Cleansing morning and night

I get tired, itchy eyes, most probably from an allergy. My eyelids used to be constantly swollen and aggravated. It was uncomfortable to say the least! Then I discovered that a little sweep of B. Micellar Water completely got rid of the swelling. It's incredibly soothing and never stings. It's also great for removing every last bit of make-up. Since using it my eyes are a lot less itchy and look and feel a lot more normal.

Natural mascara

When my eyes started getting irritated, mascara just made them worse. I did some reading and discovered that the chemicals in eye make-up can really irritate your eyes. I switched to a natural mascara and have had no problems at all with it. The one I use is Gabriel Color, which as far as I know isn't sold in the U.K., but there are lots of other natural cruelty-free options like Green People, Beauty Without Cruelty and PHB Ethical Beauty. I'll also warn not to wear eyeliner on your waterline as it's just asking for trouble!

Leaving them alone

Of course, when my eyes are itchy the thing I really want to do is rub them. But this actually makes the itching worse, as it releases more allergens. I use allergy eye drops and anything cool like ice cubes, cucumber or a wet flannel on my eyes to soothe the itching.

Learning what helps my eyes feel better has taken a while but I'm hoping that with time they'll start to go back to normal.

Do you have sensitive eyes? If you have any tips let me know!
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