Saturday 1 October 2016

LoveLula September Beauty Box

I'm always excited to discover new cruelty-free brands and my interest in natural and organic products as only grown since starting this blog. Recently I was asked to try out LoveLula's monthly beauty box, and wanted to share my first impressions. The products in the box are all natural and cruelty-free but not always vegan, so LoveLula very kindly switched out one non-vegan product from this month's box for me. Instead of a FOM London Serum which contains silk, I was sent an Ermana face oil and PHB Ethical Beauty eyeliner to review instead.

First up I trialled the two sample cleansers. The Kimberley Sayer Gentle Face Cleanser was thick and creamy, with a botanical fragrance that I really liked. I got quite a few uses out of the small sachet and would happily have a full bottle of it as it left my skin looking clean and fresh.

Unfortunately I didn't get on well with the Madara Micellar Water - I've never tried a product with hyaluronic acid before and my skin didn't react well to it, but I'm sure this is just an individual reaction. I had no negative reactions to the Madara Brightening Peel Mask - it's very gentle and I can leave it on for a full 10 minutes if I want to. It's quick to apply and wash off and nice for a mid week treat to keep my skin looking bright and clear. 

Ermana Renew Face Oil is a welcome addition to my routine, as I haven't used a facial oil for a long time and now I don't know why! This oil sinks into my skin so easily, and has a lovely smell like sandalwood. I can use it morning and night, and it even helps to reduce the look of my pores.

Ooh! Rejuvenating Face Oil is a little heavier and doesn't suit my skin as well as the Ermana oil. I'm happy to use it at night to let it fully absorb and it would probably suit those with dry skin. To hydrate even more I've been keeping Balm Balm Rose Floral Water on my desk as it's a really refreshing spray to add moisture to your skin. I like it as a nice afternoon pick me up to freshen up my face and it's had me eyeing up a few of their other products too.

I was really happy to receive a PHB Ethical Beauty Eyeliner as I've recently been told my sensitive eyes are caused by blepharitis, so I'm looking for more natural eye make-up that won't irritate them further. This is a soft black kohl, easy to blend to a smoky eye and quick to take off too. Out of all my beauty products my make-up is the least natural so I'm hoping I can add in a few more new things like this from future boxes.

Skincare is so individual, and as my skin often swings between dry and oily I sometimes have different results from the same products when I use them at different times. This line-up has really benefited my skin and my complexion is so much more balanced after only using them for a short time. 

The Ermana face oil is my favourite of the bunch and I know will be a regular now in my skincare routine. At £12.50 a month I'd say this subscription is well worth the money as the products add up to over £45 separately - I'm really pleased with my first box and already looking forward to my next one.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Let me know your favourites.


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