Tuesday 8 November 2016

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Resources October

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Resources October

It does seem lately that every month another cruelty-free brand has been bought by a company that tests on animals. But, to try and find the positive in these situations it means that the ever growing demand for cruelty-free beauty is being acknowledged. Often brands that have been bought out will stay true to their cruelty-free stance. And in really good news, more and more countries are passing legislation to ban animal testing for cosmetics, with hopefully the USA and Canada to follow suit soon.

Cruelty-Free News

Taiwan banned cosmetics animal testing, sending the message worldwide that it's an outdated and unnecessary practice.

Previously cruelty-free make-up brand BECCA have been bought by Estée Lauder, and are yet to disclose whether they will enter the Chinese market along with Estée Lauder's other brands.

Cruelty-Free Beauty

If you'd like an insight into how a huge corporation like Estée Lauder can justify testing on animals, read their interview about selling in China and the future of the cosmetics industry.

Kat Von D's make-up line has launched in the UK and will soon be completely vegan. (Although it is worth noting their parent company is not cruelty-free.)

Vegan Food & Resources

Excluding honey from your diet may sound extreme to some, so why don't vegans eat honey?

Nadia recently wrote a bunch of excellent posts about veganism for Blogtober, and I'd recommend reading them all. My favourites included 5 Comebacks To Common Questions Vegans Get Asked and Should Your Cat Be Vegan?

If cooking in bulk has been something you've been meaning to do for ages, Bianca has some great tips for getting started with a plant based diet.

Beth is switching to veganism, and I've really enjoyed reading about how she's been cutting out meat and dairy.

And lastly, Tesco have released a dairy free chocolate selection box for Christmas. Unsurprisingly it seems to be sold out but it's already at the top of my Christmas list.


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