Tuesday 14 April 2015

Luxury Skincare | Triumph Moisturising Creme Balm

Premae Skincare Triumph Moisturising Creme Balm

Premae Skincare Triumph Moisturising Creme Balm Review

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

I received this little pot in one of my Vegan Kind boxes a few months ago and it has served me well since. It's a natural, aloe vera based moisturiser that's both Vegan Society approved and Allergy UK approved.

I often get dry patches of skin around my nose that will sting when I apply anything to them. This balm is the only product I've found that doesn't make my skin sting, but actually soothes and heals it, which I think must be the aloe vera at work.

The consistency is very thick but it's also quick and easy to absorb - my skin just seems to drink it up. As this is such a small pot I've only been using it on those patches of dryness around my nose and on my forehead, but this would be a divine cream to use for your whole face. Plus it has a lovely scent of frankincense oil, which is also anti-ageing.

My one qualm is the price - at £51 for a regular sized pot this moisturiser will set you back a pretty penny. It's a lot more expensive than any other product I use, as I just love my budget beauty. But having used it and experienced the benefits I can see the reason for the price. If I were looking to start buying luxury skincare, I'd certainly start with this.

Do you use any luxury skincare? Is it something you spend or save on?
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