Sunday 5 July 2015

5 Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Blogs To Follow

Cruelty-free and vegan lifetyle blogs

I adore finding new blogs to read, so I wanted to share the love for some I'm currently enjoying. I read absolutely loads of different blogs, about beauty, lifestyle and blogging, but my favourites are always those that have a cruelty-free aspect and help their readers to be a little kinder towards animals. So here are some that do that very well!

Mindful Eating & Conscious Living

Besma posts plant based recipes, reviews of cruelty-free beauty and ethical clothing as well as round ups of what's in season each month. I love her approach to being more conscious of everything we consume. She also takes beautiful photos and her posts always inspire me to eat and live a little healthier.

Nadia's is one of my favourite lifestyle blogs - she describes it as her virtual notebook. Each month she posts her hopes and goals, and if she's achieved her past ones. There's also a brilliant mix of cruelty-free beauty, trips away, at home DIYs and her thoughts on writing, embracing failure and finding that elusive work/life balance.

Finding a sweet and healthy balance

Kerry's recipes and incredible photos always make me starving hungry! Everything she makes is free from free dairy and refined sugar, two things I'm currently trying to cut down on. Yesterday I made a variation of her black bean raspberry brownies and they turned out scrumptious! Be ready to drool.

Veg food, travel & cruelty-free living 

I love reading Natalie's travel posts and reviews to discover new cafes and restaurants to eat veggie and vegan. I have a lot on my list to visit now! As well as adventures like llama trekking, she posts mouth watering vegan recipes. Also check out Natalie's Instagram because her pictures are stunning!

A veg-friendly space for happy, healthy humans

The Friendly Fig is run by two talented bloggers from the U.S., Bianca and Sarah. I love their sense of humour and that they're Seinfeld fans. Along with plenty of delicious looking vegan recipes, they post about cruelty-free finds, tips for shopping vegan and fruit and veggies galore.

What are some of your favourite blogs right now? Leave your links below if you'd like me to check yours out :)
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