Sunday 19 July 2015

Summer Scents | Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume

Pacifica Island Vanilla Roll On Vegan Perfume


This perfume earned its place in my handbag many months ago, but now that summer has at last arrived it's become my new favourite scent. It's very sweet, deliciously so. Rolling it on my wrists with the sun shining, I feel like I could be on a wonderful exotic holiday. The little bottle is the perfect size to carry around too. The wear time isn't that long, around three or four hours, but the bottle is so light and small I don't mind keeping it with me and topping up throughout the day. 

Even after using it for many weeks, the perfume inside has barely diminished so I know this bottle is going to last a long time yet. I've also discovered that if I dab it on my wrists before styling my hair in the morning, the scent lingers on my hair and I get the sweet smell for longer. It's a light, floral scent that you just want more of!

Pacifica's range is completely vegan, natural, and of course cruelty-free. I'm lusting after a lot of their products right now, especially their make-up which is mostly only available in the U.S. This palette though is number one on my wishlist, as well as more perfumes!

Do you have a favourite perfume for summer?
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