Thursday 16 June 2016

Natural & Organic Perfume | Sinne Firenze

Sinne Firenze Cruelty-Free and Vegan Perfume

When it comes to the products I use the most, be it skincare, shower gel or otherwise, the winners are always the ones that smell good. So I wanted to introduce you to my latest favourite scents, Sinne Firenze's organic vegan perfume. I only have a few perfumes in my beauty collection, because as tempting as it is to try out all the cruelty-free offerings out there, I'd rather have some that I really love to rely on.

Wonderfully there are more vegan and natural brands starting up every year, but it seems that natural and organic perfume is still something of a rarity. Sinne Firenze are one of these, using Fairtrade essential oils to hand make their perfumes in Italy, and were kind enough to send me a couple from their range to try. 

Balance Me is a rich, woody scent, like pine mixed with aniseed. The smell speaks to me of a summer evening in nature, maybe sat outdoors with a good book to read. Delight Me is sweeter, a little lighter and my favourite of the two, featuring ylang ylang and citrus that reminds me of bubblegum. I love that each perfume is designed to create a certain mood, as smell is so easily associated with memories and feelings. The whole range is unisex too and my boyfriend is happy to wear them as well.

The scents do disappear quickly - after around an hour they've lost their strength so these are not long lasting perfumes. However I love that they come in little roll on bottles that I can keep in my handbag. This means I can reapply whenever I want to, and I really enjoy just taking a minute when I'm out to roll them on my wrists and enjoy the scent. It helps me to be a bit more mindful during a busy day and feel more grounded.

Have you tried any natural perfumes? Let me know your favourites.


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