Thursday 4 June 2015

Chop Chop!

Long Bob Mid Length Straight Hair

I've cut my hair off! It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time, as my hair was becoming so out of control that it was a massive chore just to wash it and dry it. So I'm loving my new do! My sister very kindly chopped it off for me and it took ages to hack through it. This is, I think, the third time I've gone from very long to short hair so I knew I wouldn't miss it. I love that now I can wash my locks whenever I want without dreading the task. 

My inspiration was mostly these long bobs - a bit messy but easy to manage. I'm also really excited to have a go at heat styling, I've never really done it before! I feel like a whole new world of hairstyles has opened up to me ;)

For a little reference, here's one of the ponytails we cut/sawed off.

Dip Dye Ombre Ponytail Hair

And even more hair went on the floor! Obviously my blonde dip dye has gone, which I'd had for a few years now, but change feels good :) If you're fed up of your hair like I was then I'd definitely encourage you to go ahead and change it!

Have you ever had a drastic haircut?
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