Tuesday 23 June 2015

Vegan & Natural Eye Make-Up | Shopping For Sensitive Eyes

Natural and Cruelty-Free Eye Make-up

The great thing about natural beauty is that it's chemical free, making it gentler to your skin and the environment. I've blogged before about my sensitive eyes and whilst learning how to deal with them I've found that natural make-up is a lot less likely to make them sore and dry. Knowing I'm not putting any chemical nasties near my eyes that are going to irritate them is such a relief! So here's my pick of the products I've got my eye on (pun intended). All of them are vegan and of course cruelty-free.

1. PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 

Water resistant and flake free, after reading reviews of all the natural mascaras out there I decided to buy this one! Thoughts coming soon.. 

2. Tropic Skincare Illuma Brightening Concealer 

A little out of my price range but the packaging and the promise of boosting botanical actives sure caught my eye!

3. Neal's Yard Remedies Lengthening Black Mascara 

With lots of organic ingredients, this was the runner up in the mascara stakes and one I may well try in the future.

4. Beauty Without Cruelty Liquid Concealer & Highlighter 

At a great price, my only worry is that this shade might not match my skin tone. But I'm fairly sure I'll be purchasing this one after taking a peek at the reviews.

5. PHB Ethical Beauty Moroccan Earth Mineral Eyeshadow 

These eyeshadows look beautiful. All the colours seem so rich it would be hard to choose just one. Oil free, they promise to be extra gentle to the eyes.

6. 100% Pure Dark Chocolate Long Last Liquid Eyeliner

With a name like that how can you resist?! Liquid eyeliner was not something I expected to find with natural cosmetics so I was pleasantly surprised to come across lots of options out there.

7. Everyday Minerals Shimmer Eyeshadow in Jane Eyre 

A brand I've yet to try but I've been keen to for a long while. I love pink, pretty make-up in the warmer weather.

8. Lush Liquid Eyeliner in Dynamic 

This eyeliner doesn't have all natural ingredients, but mostly. I think it's a brilliant summer colour for a statement eye.

9. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Eyeshadow in Pewter 

I'm very intrigued by the idea of fruit pigmented make-up and with ingredients like rosehip oil and avocado butter this eyeshadow looks irresistible.

Also worth a look are Green People and Lily Lolo, both of which offer some vegan products and have rave reviews for their mascaras. Let me know if you like the look of any of these - I certainly had a lot of fun coming up with the eye puns! ;)

Do you use any natural make-up?
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