Saturday 16 May 2015

Adopt Don't Shop | Let's Talk About Pets

Today I'm going to talk about my cats! Matilda and Inca are our family cats and we adopted both of them as kittens from the Cats Protection League. They're an excellent charity who shelter cats in need - both Matilda and Inca were hand reared there without their mothers. 

There are so many animals in need of a home, that I can't help but see breeding them for profit as inherently cruel. Many 'breeders' are actually just a front for kitten and puppy mills, where the animals are bred and sold as quickly as possible in horrifying conditions with no concern for animal welfare. This also happens with birds, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. In fact every household pet you can think of.

So how can we stop this from happening? The answer is adopt don't shop. Shelters are filled with animals who need a loving person to look after them and give them a good life. Instead of shopping for a puppy or kitten from a breeder, take a trip to your local shelter and see if one of their animals in need can't win your heart instead.

And if you need any more convincing, keep reading so I can tell you all about my adopted cats :)

This is Matilda, also known as Milly, also known as Lily. My Mam, my sister and I couldn't agree on what to name her so we each call her by a different name. Luckily she's very clever and responds to all three! She loves a good scratch behind the ears and always does everything very elegantly. She hates the rain and getting her paws wet. She's also very protective of her little sister Inca and always looks out for her. Even though the two of them are very different!

Inca is a little fluffball who loves attention. She will sit and meow until someone makes a fuss of her - if she had it her way she'd be fussed all day long. When we first brought her home, she was amazed to find she had an entire house to live in, having only ever been in a cage until then. She's very happy now! Inca's fascinated by moths and all things that fly. Weirdly for a cat, she thinks playing in the snow is the best thing ever. She also loves to bother her sister Matilda by following her around and trying to get her to play.

I also have to give a special mention to Benga, who my boyfriend and I have been looking after for the past year. He belongs to a friend of ours, and was originally adopted before that, so I like to think of us as his foster parents. Benga was pretty badly behaved when I first met him (he liked to go to the toilet all over the house, including on the sofa), but nowadays he's much more chilled out. It turned out all he needed was some routine and stabililty - something I'd recommend for all animals. He likes a little fuss now and then, especially at breakfast and dinner time, and the rest of the time he will happily hang out with us just out of arm's reach. He's happiest watching and chittering at birds from the windowsill and sleeping in the sun.

As you can probably tell, I love all three of them a whole lot. I absolutely plan to be a crazy old cat lady when I'm in my twilight years. Of course, adopting isn't only limited to cats and dogs - I have a friend who has adopted a hamster and a chinchilla, and even Pets At Home have rescued rabbits who need adopting. So if you're thinking about getting a furry friend, I urge you to adopt, don't shop.

Do you have any pets? I'd love to hear about them :)
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