Saturday 23 May 2015

Vegan Switches | Cutting Down On Dairy

Vegan Dairy Alternatives

Recently I've been making a renewed effort to reduce the amount of dairy in my diet. Going vegan is something I've tried and failed to do many times in the past, but after reading Mica's post about her favourite dairy alternatives I realised there were definitely some easy changes I could make.

Margarine and butter was first to go, and easily replaced with Pure Sunflower Dairy Free Spread. To me, it tastes exactly the same as margarine and the only difference is that it's easier to spread! It's also suitable for baking so the next time my sister's making a cake I'm planning to sneak this in there.

Milk is something I used to have everyday, on cereal and in my many cups of tea. At first I tried switching to almond milk, which is very sweet, a little nutty and perfectly nice on cereal. But I just couldn't get used to having it in tea. So I switched again to soya milk, which does take some adjusting to but after a few days I like it just as the same as regular milk. I make sure to get the unsweetened soya because the regular stuff is full of sugar!

Yoghurt is a dairy product I also used to eat a lot of. I'd never tried vegan yoghurt before, in fact I don't think I knew it existed! So I was very happy to discover that the Alpro soya yoghurts are absolutely divine. The big tub of vanilla I like to eat with lots of fruit and some sunflower seeds mixed in. It's delicious - just as good, if not better than, dairy yoghurt. The little dark chocolate pots I'm already hooked on; they're on offer at the moment and I've stocked up on three packs (already minus a few that I've eaten). I've actually had to limit myself to one a day!

Another big bonus to soya and dairy free products is that they last so much longer than real dairy, so I don't have to worry about them going off before I can finish them. Plus of course, it helps me to be a bit kinder to animals.

Do you eat any dairy free products? Do you have any favourites to recommend?

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