Sunday 10 May 2015

Vegan Tuck Box

When the Vegan Tuck Box offered me a free box to review I snapped up the chance. I love the old school idea of a tuck box and it is so handy to have vegan snacks to take out with you when there may not be any vegan (or vegetarian) options in sight. I got one of the Classic boxes, which contains 10-12 products, but there are also mini boxes with 5-6 products available and gluten free options too. Plus, 20p from each box is donated to Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

When I opened my box I may have got a bit too overexcited about unpacking all the goodies inside. There were a lot of them! Of course, I had to find a huge amount of patience to take these photos before gobbling it all up. 

I was most excited to try the Yummy Scrummy brownie, which tasted absolutely heavenly, every bit as good as (actually, better than) a non vegan brownie. Made with Ecuadorian Raw Cacao butter and packed full of dates, walnuts, raisins and goji berries it was truly scrumptious.

The Fig & Linseed flapjack, made with agave nectar, was another particularly sweet and tasty treat. The Emily Fruit Crisps were not my thing, but my boyfriend happily ate them all and I know they're pretty popular in general. Even though I'm not usually a crisps fan, I did really enjoy the BBQ flavour Ten Acre crisps which definitely reminded me of summertime. The Organic Raw onion and garlic crackers were also surprisingly good, especially dipped in peanut butter.

The Spicy Peanuts were very hot! They were too spicy for me but if you like a snack with a kick these are for you. The Superseeds were a sweet mix of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, very nice on my morning cereal and I also liked them mixed with fruit and yoghurt. I really didn't expect to like the Provamel Rice-Coconut drink and left it until last to try, but it was delicious! It was very sweet and refreshing and I'd happily buy a whole big carton of it.

I was very pleased with the amount of chocolate in the box as the only vegan chocolate I've tried before I didn't like. Not the case this time! The Sarelle bar was a chocolate bar with a wafer, almost like a Bueno but better. The Cocomels were mouthwatering chocolate covered chunks of caramel. The iChoc bar had tasty little bits of cookie all smothered in (non-) milk chocolate. And the Doisy & Dam bar was sumptuous dark chocolate with fruit and nuts. All delicious dairy free goodies!

I'm so happy to be introduced to all these yummy vegan treats and I'll certainly be buying more of my new favourites from the Vegan Tuck Box website, which has a section to buy any individual goodies you like the look of.

I think this is a really great value subscription box, especially if you're looking for new vegan food to try or you just want a box of yummy snacks every month. If you're interested in trying a Vegan Tuck Box for yourself, just enter the code "blog20" at the checkout to get 20% off your first order.
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