Tuesday 26 May 2015

Superdrug Empties

Best Products From Superdrug

I think a true test of a product is whether you use it up completely. So, perhaps a little weirdly but in beauty blogger tradition, I saved up these empty products for you to take a peek at. As Superdrug is my go to shop for all things cruelty-free, these are all from their own brand which is Leaping Bunny approved, plus these five products are all suitable for vegans too.

A super affordable heat protector that I've used for ages is this Style Expertise Heat Spray. I think this bottle lasted me around a year, using it twice a week. Pretty impressive! But sadly it's not all that. It does the job and certainly works to prevent me destroying my hair with heat, but I just feel like it could be better. This is one of those products where you get what you pay for, but nevertheless I have repurchased it.

Next up, I'd never be without my bottle of B. Pure Micellar Water. It suits my combination skin so well, and always helps to soothe my sensitive eyes. I use it for taking off all my make-up, sweeping over my eyes morning and night and as a quick and easy cleanser on make-up free days too. So refreshing!

Another trusty favourite that I use all year round is the Hand Therapy Anti Age Cream. It's a super thick moisturiser that absorbs quickly and keeps my hands smooth for hours. I've bought this again and again and will happily carry on doing so. It's certainly earned it's place in my handbag!

Yum yum yum the Cherry & Macadamia Body Butter is the most deliciously scented pot of goodness. It smells just like cherry yoghurt and is actually a very good moisturiser too - super thick and lovely. I've already repurchased it and as soon as this goes on offer (because I'm a cheapskate) I'll be stocking up. My cruelty-free blogger friend Kelly, a.k.a. The Vegan Taff, loves it too.

This pot of B. Ready Day Cream lasted me a good long while, and it's certainly my favourite moisturiser I've found with an SPF. It's nice and light and provides plenty of hydration for my skin without making it greasy. As for moisturiser without SPF however, Sibu Beauty's Daytime Facial Cream triumphs and I'm now using that morning and night so I've not bought another one of these.

What products have you used up lately? What do you buy over and over?

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